About SewingMachineMatches.com

SewingMachineMatches.com was born from a suggestion by my friend Julie, a fellow quilter.

She was ready for a new quilting sewing machine but is extremely busy. I had more time to look for/research a machine than she did.

I suggested two models, one somewhat jokingly. Well, that's the one she ended up buying. :-) And here it is... Julie's Janome M7 Continental Professional. Isn't it a beauty!

Picture of the Janome M7 Continental Professional sewing machine.Julie's Janome M7 Continental Professional sewing machine

My friend Julie was certain that other sewers needed information about what sewing machine to buy.

It took me several months to gather the information on 200+ (and counting) sewing machines. Then, SewingMachineMatches.com was born.

The Publisher

Hello, I'm Wanda and I publish SewingMachineMatches.com. My goal is to match you with your best sewing machine, or machines, that match your sewing needs. And let's face it, wants!

I have owned a sewing machine since the age of 13 or 14. My cousin Priscilla showed me how to make a pair of pants (green and white check seersucker fabric) the summer between seventh and eighth grades.

A Little of My History

In eighth grade I took home economics and we learned to sew. Yeah, when I learned to sew they still taught it in school. :-)

That year for Christmas my mother bought me a Singer Stylist 553.

Picture of Singer Stylist 553 sewing machine.my first sewing machine - the Singer Stylist 553

I still have it. Yes, it still works!

Through the years I have used it to sew clothes and make baby quilts. Today I use a different machine and primarily for quilting. (Check out my site on quilt blocks if you need ideas for making quilts.)

Currently, I have five sewing machines. Each bought for different reasons.

The machine I purchased is the Baby Lock Jazz II, which I bought for its 12 inch throat (the space from needle to the machine tower). The large space makes quilting a quilt easier!

Picture of Baby Lock Jazz II sewing machine.my Baby Lock Jazz II sewing machine

Your Best Sewing Machine Matches

But back to you... How do I match you with your best sewing machine?

I research sewing machines currently available by sewing machine makers and enter the sewing features data into a database. Next, I assess the needs of specific sewers - beginners, quilters, dress or fashion makers, bag makers, etc. - match the two and produce comparison reports.

Sewists like yourself are then able to compare a number of machines by different manufacturers (brands) and make a buying decision.

Most of your research is done for you! Use the time saved to sew more.

You're welcome. :-)

Happy sewing machine shopping!